Convert A Cheap Oil Can to use with Machine Ball Oilers

From my original web page Jan 31st 2009


Does your equipment have the sprinted ball oilers on it. This is an idea I came up with many years ago. It is simple, easy to use and easy to make. Get a standard pump style oil can from the hardware store, one that has a tip that is smaller than the ball in the oiler.  Now the problem is that the little ball will most likely block the hole in the end of the oil can, and a pull of the handle will just make a mess. What you need to do is file or cut a small slot in the end of the oil can tip to allow the oil to get were we want it. Then when you push the ball in with the tip and pump the oil in it goes in around the ball where we want it. Do not make the slots too deep, they need to just let the oil in the fittings. (I mention this from experience.)

I keep two cans on hand. One with Mobile spindle Oil, and the other with Mobile Way oil. Just wipe the little oil fitting clean of dirt and chips and pump away.  Makes the job quick and easy.


I cut this slot with a small razor saw. Squirt a few times into the trash can the first time to clear out any cuttings that might have gotten into the tip from sawing, you do not want to inject that into your machine. has replacement 6mm oilers I keep a few on hand for different projects, and have used them as replacements were needed. The bodies are bras and easy to turn down if you have a smaller hole.

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