All American Die Filer

All American Precision Filing Machine

 A friend of mine showed me his die filer, which was the All American model shown here. He showed me what it did and said if I ever had a chance to pick one up it was a good machine to have in the shop. So I did a little research and decided to keep an eye out for one. They are rather hard to find, and in fact when you do find them they seem to bring top dollar. To make a long story short I was looking for a larger lathe, and was scanning the local want adds one day and happened to come accost an add for a large lathe in the St. Louis area. The add also mentioned that there was a die filer available also. So I called to look at the lathe, and the gentleman told me that I would also have to take the die filer as a condition of buying the lathe!  (LUCKY ME!, As my wife would say)


I had mentioned on one of the forums at the time that I was looking for info on this die filer. A fellow HSM on the net offered to send me a photocopy of the manual. I lost his contact information so can not give him proper credit here. I have scanned it in and converted it to a pdf, and include it here.

All American Die Filer Manual

If you have any additional information on this machine that you would like to share, please forward it to me for inclusion on this page for all to enjoy!

This is not a highly used machine in my shop, but it sure makes some jobs much more pleasant. If you have a chance to pick one up it is worth the small amount of floor space that it takes up.
Optional Attachments
There were some optional attachments available for the machine. Thanks to thanks to crrmeyer for sending me the following photos and manuals.

Possible Sources for Machine Files

Victor Machinery lists 8″ parallel machine files, that are Made in USA

6-6-2009 – Such Luck! The wife and I were out hitting a few yard sales. I was looking over a few tools at one of the sales and guess what I found? Asking price .25 each!

This is one of the nicest samples of this machine I have seen. It is not mine, the photos are included here with permission from the owner, who originally posted these photos on the Practical Machinist board. Here is a link to his post.



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