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Tunics MS Indoor Nationals 2002

Worlds Largest Indoor Kart Race

We had a great time at our first national level event in Tunica.

The local area was well represented. Over 10 Drivers from our local area where on hand.

We ran Junior 3 lights on Friday, and Junior 3 Heavy's on Saturday.

Our best time was a 9.9 but it was not fast enough to make the field of only 20 karts.

There where 71 karts in the class, and only 20 made the feature.

Friday we where 2 10ths of a second away from making the field.

Saturday we where 3 10ths of a second away from making the field.

Saturday we felt we had a good shot of making the field, but Kyle went out first, and was already around the track before the other 8 karts qualifying where on the track. After passing a few of the slower karts he got caught up in traffic, which slowed him down.


Kyle making last minute checks before going out for qualifying.


Kyle Checking over the Blaze


View of our Pits


We took 2 karts but only ran the yellow one.


Our nephew Casey was also on hand and also raced.


Kyle staging for the 1st round of time trials on Saturday.


A view from behind


Casey Staging on Saturday.


Satellite photos of the drivers meeting from the pages of National Kart News

There where lots of people from the local area in attendance.

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