Installing Graphics
Installing your graphics is an easy process. You should set aside from 1 to 3 hours depending on if you are just installing numbers or doing a whole Kart.
  • Before you start:
    • Materials Needed
      • Small cutting knife or razor blade. (An Exacto Knife is ideal for the job)
      • Stick Pin
      • A Spray bottle filled with a mixture of dish soap and water.
        • The mixture ratio is; 3 drops of soap to 1 pint of water
      • Plastic Squeegee (supplied)
      • Soft Lint Free Towel
      • 2" Roll of Masking Tape

    • Temperature Requirements
      • The recommended installation temperature of the intended surface should be between 45 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit for best results. Very high humidity (above 90 percent) may affect the application process.

    • Graphic Construction
      • You new graphic is constructed of 3 parts
        • A heavy waxed paper back.
        • The vinyl graphic
        • A Transfer tape over the vinyl
      • Do not remove any of the parts yet!
  • Preparing The Graphics:
  • If you ordered a larger graphic that was shipped rolled up, unroll it and lay it on a clean flat surface. Transfer tape side up. You should be able to see your graphic through the tape. Inspect it and make sure everything is as you ordered.
  • The graphic will sometimes come loose while it is rolled up in shipping.
    • Take the included squeegee and starting at the center of the graphic, drag the squeegee to the edge of your graphic. Never push the edge of the squeegee ahead of your hand. Use a dragging motion. Work your way around the whole graphics starting each time in the middle and working out to the edges. You are ensuring that your graphic is firmly attached to the waxed paper backing, and to the transfer tape.


Surface Preparation:
  • The surface needs to be clean of dirt, wax, and oil. If you are installing on a new body, please clean the surface with isopropyl, denatured alcohol, or a commercial product designed to remove wax from automotive finishes. The molding release compound that is used on bodies will keep your graphic from sticking to the surface.
  • Be sure to test your cleaner on a inconspicuous surface encase it attacks the surface.


Graphic Installation:
  • Position your graphic where you want it installed on the Kart. Take two small pieces of masking tape and tack the sides of the graphic to the kart. Take your time and be sure that the graphic is exactly where you want it. After you get them tacked up stand back and make sure they look good from a distance.
  • We are now going to make a hinge along the top of the graphic with a long piece of masking tape. This tape should be just a hair shorter then the graphic. Do not make it longer then the top of the graphic. This tape should be ½ on the graphic and ½ on the kart body.

  • Wet the surface
    • Lift the graphic up and sparingly spray the surface of your Kart with the soap and water from your fine mist bottle, There should be no foamy bubbles on the Kart surface. We just want the surface slightly damp. Less is better than more here. Do not leave water standing on the surface. If you spray too much water on the surface wipe it off with a dry lint free rag.

  • Removing The Backing
    • Hold the bottom edge of the graphic out at a 90 degree angle, or flip it all the way up.
    • Remove the waxed paper backing slowly. It is best to pull the backing off back over its self. Save this backing for use later.

  • Working the Graphic onto the surface:
  • While still holding the graphic away from the kart start at the top and drape the top of the graphic onto the kart. Use your squeegee to work the graphic onto the Karts surface.

Working from center out and down. Use the squeegee to push out air bubbles from the under the graphic. Do not let the entire graphic down at once. Drape it on to the surface.

After you have the graphic completely laid down, work out any remaining air bubbles to the edges of the graphic with the squeegee. This process should remove most of the water/air from under your graphic.


  • Removing The Transfer Tape

    • Remove the Hinge from the graphic


    • To make the tape easier to remove lightly spray the tape with water. Wait for 30 sec to 1 minute for the water to soak in.



    • Now pull the tape off starting at the largest part of the graphic, pulling the tape back on its self.




  • Dealing with bubbles:
    • You will have some bubbles especially on large graphics
    • If you have any large bubbles they can be worked out to the edges.
      • Work the bubble to the edge with your finger


      • Place the backing over the graphic shiny side up and use the squeegee to work the bubbles out. Do not use the squeegee directly on the graphic your could scratch it.
      • If you have a large bubble you can prick it with stick pin, and use your finger to work the water and air out through the hole
      • Most small bubbles will disappear in a day or so.
  • Trim
    • You can now trim your graphic if needed.


  • Stand back and admire your work.
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