Raspberry Pi Jam

My Music Jam Box built around a Raspberry PI


Raspberry Pi Jam


So I have a few Raspberry Pi’s So the first project is going to by a Raspberry Pi Jam Box.

The goals of this project are:

  • Pandora Music Player.
  • Airplay Music Destination to play music from my iPhone and iPad
  • Wifi Network Access.

  • Pandora Music Player

    • Color LCD Screen for cover art when playing from Pandora
    • LCD Display to show currently playing sone and music.
    • Infrared remote control for Pandora.

Currently I have the RasPi playing my Pandora steam via piano bar. I also have a Nokia 5110 LCD display showing what is currently playing.
The 5110 display is a little small, but for now it is at least a proof of concept that I can get the information I needed out of PianoBar and up on a display. I will probably swap it out for a much larger display.
The built in audio on the Pi is not the best quality, so I have been using a $3.00 USB audio adapter I purchased on e-bay a while back, and the sound quality is much better. It also eliminated the problem of the loud click problem that the Pi has when turning on and off the audio, which Pianobar does between tracks.

This is the display that I am currently using. I purchased them on ebay from e_goto for $3.40 with free shipping. I do not know how some of these companies can sell this stuff so cheap with free shipping. Took about 10 days to get here from China, what a deal!


LCD5110 Module Specification:
l        Power supply voltage:2.7V-3.3V,5V is OK,but part of the screen becomes black when tested
l        Data interface level:2.7-5V
l        Backlight power supply voltage:highest 3.3V
l        Module size:43.6mm x 43.1mm(width X height)
l        Installation diameter:2mm


1RST--------- reset (Tie to VCC)
2CE------------chip selection
3DC-----------data/commands choice
4DIN-----------serial data line
5CLK------------serial Clock Speed
7LIGHT--------- backlight control terminal
8GND-----------power negative

l         84 X 84 dot matrix LCD,can show 4 lines of characters
l         Use serial interface communicate with the master processor,the number of interface signal line reduced greatly, only 8 signal lines including power and GND.Support different types of MCU,such as the SPI,MCS51 serial mode 0 of AVR.Transfer rate up to 4Mbps,can full speed write display data without waiting time.
l         Can use the conductive glue to connect the module with the printed board,without connecting cable.The metal hooks on the module can fix the module on the printed board,which is very easy to install and replace.
l         LCD controller/driver chip has been bound to LCD chip,the volume of LCD is small
l         Low power supply,the working current in normal situation is lower than 200μA,and has power-down mode

Pasted Graphic

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