Anderson Power Poles

Some of my Anderson Power Pole Gadgets

I have switched all 12 volt items over to Anderson Power poles if they draw more than 2 amps. Here are some of my power distribution projects using Anderson Power Poles.

The connectors are soldered to a circuit board that in in the bottom of the box. There is 1 fuse for the 4 outlets.

This lives on my work bench and is fed with a 60 amp power supply. The fuse holders where purchased at the local Auto Zone automotive store. I used a dremel to remove the material on the one with the power poles. The Fuse holders have dovetails on them and fit together rather nicely.

Radio shack cleared these out a while back for like $20.00 I added the binding posts and the power pole.

The power pole is wired to use the breaker in the back of the unit.
This thing gets so much use I do not know how I got along with out it. I purchased a 2nd one to leave in our camper.

More power pole information from around the web

Most ARES and RACES groups have standardized on the use of the Anderson Power Poles.

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