NJQRP Sniffer

A Tunable, Multiband Field Strength Meter.
The Kit is no longer available, but do not let that stop you from building it!

KB9JJA's version of the NJQRP Sniffer
A Tunable, Multiband Field Strength Meter Kit

Here is a link to NJQRP's version of the sniffer.
Link to the manual (
Local Copy)

I made a few modifications to the sniffer. First I did not use manhaten style construction. It was built on a radio shack proto board. I also wanted the ability to disable the tuned front end on the unit. I added a switch to disconect the tuned circuit to the left of the antenna. This allows the sniffer to be very broad banded. I have found that in use, I will start off with the tuned circuit switched out, adjust the meter, then switch the tuned circuit back in, and make final adjustments. The meter also works fine for VHF and UHF with the tuned front end switched out.


This turned out to be a nice little project. It is sensitive enough to deflect the meter with less than a watt of power going to my outside antenna. I leave it on at the station when I am operating, as it makes a good indicator of RF getting out to the antenna.
The meter face and case where designed with Corel Draw, and Printed on Inkjet receptive vinyl.
73's KB9JJA

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