Small Wonder Labs SW 40

The SW-40 is a wonderful kit, and a nice rig to operate.
If you want to lean a bunch and like to mod your rigs this is a nice little rig to play with.

Small Wonder Labs SW 40

I built the SW 40+ to have something to play with and mod a bit. There is also the nice Elmer 101 series of lessons available. I have been away from radio for a while, and this looked like a nice kit to get me feet wet again.
I housed it in a slightly over sized case, Actually the case is an old AB printer switch box. This leaves more room for me to add a keyer, and other mods to it, as I have time and ideas.

The radio is a joy to use. It has a very sensitive receiver.

Planed Mods

  • Built in Keyer
  • Zero Beat Indicator
  • Digital display
  • S Meter
  • Adjustable Power Output
  • More Band Spread
I like to have variable audio on my qrp rigs. I added it to the stock SW 40 by adding a 1K pot to the audio output. This makes the rig much more enjoyable when working strong signals.


Small Wonder Labs

SW 40+ Elmer 101 Information

SW 40+ Schematic

Elmer101 Discussion of the SW40+ CW Transceiver

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