Lithium Ion / Polymer Battery Chargers

Lithium Ion / Polymer Battery Charger Circuit Boards

LIPO Chargers
    • I had hand wired 2 of these and was very happy with the way they worked, so desided to design a few circuit boards for them!
    • Warning, LIPO's can be very dangerous to charge. If you do not know what you are doing not play with Lipo's

This is the version 2 charger board

This is the version 3 charger board

These where the first 2 layer circuit boards that I have designed. I am very happy with the results of the version 3 board. These where done more as a experiment is using the CadSoft Eagle circuit board layout software than anything else!

These are free to use for personal use only.
Eagle project file for version 2
Eagle project file for version 3

73 de KB9JJA


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