Imperial Skies

We started playing some Imperial Skies, and I really like the game.

One of the things I want to build is a complete pirate fleet.  As well as adding ground forces to the game.

As the provided cards were limited, and I was not happy with them being double sided for some things, as well as needing multiple cards for the same ships I decided to create my own replacement cards.

I used Inkscape which is a free vector image program available for Mac, Windows and Linux.

The cards are designed in layers with prebuilt layers for many of the common things like Hull Points, Country, Repair, etc.

All the data that you need to enter for a particular ship is all entered on the “Stats” layer.

If you are interested this is my current Inkscape project file for the cards. You will need to be familiar with Inkscape to generate your cards.

This is a sample of what my version of the cards look like.

You can download the Inkscape  Card Template File and generate any card you would like.