Enco Dividing Head

I have been wanting one of these for a while, so took advantage of a really good sale price, and a 20% off coupon with free shipping!
This is the dividing head that I purchased The documentation with it is not the best, and I found some errors in the included tables.I have created an Excel spreadsheet to calculate the correct turns and holes needed to use the dividing head, and scanned in the manual. The manual states that it is a BS7 taper, but mine is a MT2 as advertised by Enco, which works out good for me, as I already have lots of MT2 tooling, as well as an adapter to mount all my Taig chucks on a MT2 arbor.

The dividing head came with 3 dividing plates, lathe dog, chuck backplate, and tailstock.

PDF copy of the manual Enco Dividing HeadPDF of my detailed chart Dividing Head 40

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