CZ300A Lathe

I purchased this lathe used from an estate and although I received the paperwork with the lathe, I found very little other information on it.


Searching the internet for information on this lathe has come up with some interesting finds. The model CZ300A is a part number used by various Chinese manufactures all for a slightly different model and configuration. If you search on this model you will come up with no less than 10 different configurations. I have not seen another lathe exactly like mine anywhere else.

The specifications list the spindle taper at Morse 4 1/2. The taper is a Morse 5 but is only about 2 inches deep.

It shares many features with the Grizzly G4016 and the Shop Fox M1019, but each of those have a slightly different headstock.

Based on the Date on the accuracy report, and the date stamped on the 3 Jaw chuck, this late was manufactured in June 1993 by the Chizhou Household Machine Tools Works in Anhui China.


CZ-300A Manual

CZ-300A Accuracy Report


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