Welcome to my metalworking home page. I find working in the shop very rewarding, and relaxing. I created these pages to share my interest and some of the information that I have collected with others.

I have also been collecting technical / rebuild information on some of my “Cast Iron Pets” These include the following:

Equipment Stewardship:

I refer to all my equipment as my cast iron pets. I do not collect machines, instead I buy machines that I can use. I do have a machine or two that see fairly little use, but they are still useful to have around for the small amount of floor space they take up in the shop. I have had a few people ask me why I do not restore my older machines to their factory new state. My answer to them is that they are restored to their factory functional state. They do not get new paint or have all their surfaces shined up. I prefer to spend my time using my equipment to build things.  This is a personal preference, and in no way does it reflect great care I give my pets.

In this trow-away society there is something to be said to have the ability to repair or make something in your own shop. This is something that is disappearing in the country faster than I care to think about.